it’s all about daddy…..well, hockey too…eh?


so, for the past couple of weeks, i have been stealing time here and there to work on the father’s day album i told you about in my last blog entry. today i completed the basics of the album. i was able to cover the remaining chipboard with the bo bunny timepiece collection papers, print out 90% of the wallet size (2×3) photographs i will be including, and pull all the embellishments, cardstock, twine, etc. for the pages that i have to finish by weeks end. in keeping with my last entry, here are the remaining chipboard pages that i covered on both sides:





















these are the cardstock stickers that i will be choosing from for this album. i will most likely be adding them to black or brown cardstock first and then layering them on the pages/envelopes.










i am also adding more of these life stories journaling cards…some will contain photographs and some will just have writing…








these push pin photo corners  (studio decor @ michaels) are also going to be included in the album….








i am now going to complete this album and will post the final pages when i am done.

please keep in mind that you can make this album for anyone just by changing the papers and embellishments. everyone scraps differently and there is no right or wrong way! it’s like starting with a basic recipe and then adding all the ingredients that you love….

as always, should you have any questions or wish to leave a comment, please feel free to do so.

if you would rather just buy a premade album, there are some now available in my etsy shop. i am currently working on other albums for travel and pets….these will be made in such a way that all you will need to do is add photos….however, should you want me to do the actual photo inclusions, that is always an option.

if you still haven’t purchased your Fathers Day card(s), there are still plenty of choices in my etsy shop along with a variety of other handmade cards for every ocassion. please feel free to come browse the shelves!

finally, i will leave you with a hockey note…..i can’t believe that today is THE FINAL GAME of the 2010-2011 hockey season! while i LOVE that it extends so far into june, it still remains a sad day for me just knowing that there will not be any hockey games to watch until October! i am not one to wish time away, but this stretch of summer with no hockey is always difficult for me. and, i’m sure for those of you that LOVE and breathe the game as i do! but, tonight, i will relish in watching the Stanley Cup being hoisted by the Canucks, as i truly believe their play this season has earned them this coveted trophy. should it instead go to the Bruins, i will be happy for Tim Thomas because he is an amazing goalie who has shined throughout this series!

until next time my friends…..


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