the fathers day album….


so, i finally finished the fathers day album i made for my husband. here it is:



this is the first page when you open the album. i added a coffee stained manilla tag to the front of the first envelope. i handstamped “Love Notes To Dad” with Tim Holtz distress ink in “black soot”. i tied a piece of twine to it. inside the envelope are three handwritten letters to their dad written on Life Stories journaling tags.

the next page is a journaling card with a photo of our three kids. i attached a cardstock sticker from the bo bunny collection that says “You’re The Best”. after that card is the first chipboard page of the album. i used cardstock to mat the photos then added a timepiece to keep the theme running.

this page features more of the vintage ribbon, a chipboard heart that I distressed with chestnut roan ink, and added some bling to represent each of the kids’ birthstones. all of the dates and locations were documented with making memories mini letter stickers. i put them close together and then inked over them with chestnut roan ink to give it that aged look.


this envelope was inked with tim holtz distress ink “old paper”. i handstamped our son’s name using the tim holtz distress ink “black soot” and added a vintage postage cardstock sticker. inside this envelope are additional photos of him with his dad and/or sisters. the adjacent photo shows the back of the envelope which has been handstamped with the words “simply adored” in”black soot” ink.

there are two additional envelopes like these in the album. both haves the name of our daughters and contains their photos with their dad or brother and sister. it also has the same sentiment handstamped on the back.

these photographs were adhered to another one of those manilla tags that I soaked overnight in coffee. i added another chipboard heart that i again inked with chestnut roan. i also added another key which i tied with a thin piece of twine showing you that a simple and continuous pattern of repeating the same elements works nicely.

here is another journaling tag with my daughter’s prom photo. it sits in front of the next chipboard page which has additional photographs, another timepiece, and a cardstock sticker referencing the importance of traditions.

this is one of my favorite tag pages for obvious reasons. my two little doggie-doos <3….(don’t know why the photo on the right looks bad). these have been adhered to a manilla tag that had been soaked in coffee….i used a combination of making memories mini stickers and handstamping to include their names and date. i also used a dog bone shaped cardstock to write a note to their human daddy. i inked it up with chestnut roan and then handstamped “we ruff you” on it. i added a piece of twine to it so that it can be easily pulled out from under the tag.

here’s another photo tag that highlights the most recent important event in our lives. you can see how i documented the information with more making memories mini stickers and chestnut roan ink. i also attached a piece of the brown vintage ribbon to the tag.

this last journaling tag was inked up with “old paper” distress ink….and then i added large bling to all the entries to show how i feel.

i closeds the album with a photo of my husband with each child highlighting an important moment they recently shared together.

this is the final page of the album. i added one last photo of our three kids, another bo bunny cardstock sticker, the making memories mini stickers, and inked up a large chipboard heart. i handstamped the words “we love you” with the “black soot” distress ink and tied some thin twine around it.

all in all, this was a pretty simple album to put together. using the same elements and techniques allows for things to move along. the limiting of photographs also helped me to complete this album in a short period of time. when you are very detailed oriented, like me, it helps to choose the embellishments, photographs, and techniques before you begin your album.

most importantly, you get this photograph at the end which is the best part!

i hope you enjoyed learning and seeing how this album was made. i hope it inspires you to make one of your own!


About 19 Designs

just a girl raised at the Fabulous Forum that fell in love with the Los Angeles Kings; loyal to my boys and passionate about the game; scrapbooker by accident; ETSY seller by choice; happy wife and mom courtesy of my amazing best friend/husband and my beautiful kids!

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