the NHL awards….


if you are anything like me, you were wondering how reality stars fit into last night’s NHL award show. well, here’s the answer. they don’t! ever! their mere presence seemed to dumb down the show by both their inability to READ the teleprompter….OR get the award winner’s name right. and the stupid joke they delivered followed by a high five? seriously. it was embarrassing for all of us.

i was particularly embarrassed for Martin St. Louis when his name was called and they pronounced it wrong. didn’t their handlers clue them in on it? i mean, how difficult is it to remember a name? like he was some American guy from Missouri….instead of the Canadian he is! his name is Mar-tan San-Looo-eee, Camille Grammar, not Mar-tin Saint Lewis! had she been familiar with the game and its players, she would have known that! hence my dismay at her appearance. i get that she is friends with castmate Adrienne Maloof, who is an owner of the Palms Hotel where the awards were held, but still…..producers of the NHL awards. i beg you! for future shows, PLEASE only have their peers or former NHL greats hand out such prestigious awards….these women have no business giving out any award, no less the Lady Byng…they could barely READ what it stood for….they have no idea of the honor this hardware represents. lucky for us, Martin is such a classy guy that he made us focus on him and not continue to wonder who thought having them on the show was a good idea.

why am i taking it so personally? because as a lifelong hockey fan, (GO KINGS!) it was offensive! hockey is a major part of my life. it is serious business! this was an opportunity for us to see our guys off the ice, with their families and peers, receiving individual trophies for which they so deserve. this is not the razzies, or some celebrity award show that calls for a couple of plastic housewives to hand them out.  i don’t mind , however, if they include actors that are knowledgeable about and love the game….so, if someone like Dennis Leary or Michael J. Fox were part of the show, i would be okay with that. i trust they would be there with appreciation for the sport, in awe of these amazing athletes, and i am sure it would be felt amongst us all. this is the time for these guys to be honored and surrounded by people who respect them, not by two women who probably don’t even know how a goal is scored, let alone how to pronounce their names!

on a positive note, i think Jay Mohr did a pretty good job of hosting. while he also messed up with the names, (Nicklas Lidstrom, not LINDstrom, jay)……he still kept the awards show light and fun with his jokes and seeming knowledge of the game. well, at least he had this girl laughing out loud…and i was watching solo!

so, please, mr. producers, NO MORE reality stars! we love our players and we want them to be honored respectfully.


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just a girl raised at the Fabulous Forum that fell in love with the Los Angeles Kings; loyal to my boys and passionate about the game; scrapbooker by accident; ETSY seller by choice; happy wife and mom courtesy of my amazing best friend/husband and my beautiful kids!

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  1. I agree with you completely. Thanks for expressing it.
    Why not have peers present the awards? Only those from recent battles, could resist a trip to Vegas. By using players & relevant guest hosts, we can still attract new viewers. Why not show off our community?

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