it’s been a “ruff” few weeks…..


hey everyone….

once again, i apologize for being m.i.a., but as the title states, “it’s been a ruff few weeks”.

it started with the purchase of a flatscreen t.v.  yah, really “ruff”, right? well, who knew what buying a simple t.v. would start! after months of discussion and weekends of shopping, we finally bit the bullet and bought one. one part of me was thrilled to get it, so i could now watch my hockey games on a really large screen…..the other part a little sad that it would mean having to replace the portrait of our children as well as losing the space on my mantle that housed all their photographs. little did i know that this purchase would be just the start of a complete remodel to my family room!  before i could even fully wrap my head around the idea, my husband chose a beautiful color for our room; one that reminds me of italy.  he went out and bought the paint and had it done like a professional in just a weekend’s time. however, it didn’t stop there. then he wanted to replace some pieces in the room as well! yay…..but, there were some pieces that i wasn’t ready to part with…..especially when it’s where most of my storage was and the location of lots of family photos. but, i went for it….and buy new furniture is what we did…. followed by the reorganization of pretty much the rest of my house! suffice to say, it was a long couple weeks dealing with that, leaving me no time to work on new cards or albums for my etsy shop.

all the while that was going on, my 8 month old puppy, Roxy, got sick. and i mean SICK. if you recall the last time i wrote, i had just returned from our 4th of july trip to catalina and we found ourselves with a very sick puppy. she had kennel cough.

she was still being her sweet self, happy and playful, but i noticed this persistent cough. so, off to the vet we went. turned out she had kennel cough AGAIN! so, back on antibiotics she went. two weeks passed and she really wasn’t any better. so, we refilled her medication, made it through the weekend, and brought her back in for a chest x-ray just to make sure everything else was okay. and, there it was…the beginnings of pneumonia! the vet then added a nebulizer into the mix-4x a day!  on top of a fever of 104.2, her x-rays also showed that she either had a secondary infection or “valley fever”…….but, only another blood test would show it. and sure enough, days later, it was confirmed that roxy has it. so, they added another medication. unfortunately, the medication she is taking for the valley fever can damage her liver, so we have to monitor her carefully. it’s been a long few weeks, but i think we are finally seeing a bit of light at the end of this tunnel. through it all, she has constantly been a happy, sweet puppy. we were very lucky to have caught it all early on. we’re not out of the woods, yet, but i am finally seeing improvement.

so, i was finally able to go back to my scrap room and work on some new cards. here’s just a few of the new ones that you can buy from the shelves of my etsy shop……… most of them are for birthdays, but the “bee” one just below is part of a 4 set blank notecard.  i am hoping to get these and all the rest posted during this week. so, please stop by and take a look! and, like always, if there is something you need but don’t see, please feel fee to let me know! happy august!


About 19 Designs

just a girl raised at the Fabulous Forum that fell in love with the Los Angeles Kings; loyal to my boys and passionate about the game; scrapbooker by accident; ETSY seller by choice; happy wife and mom courtesy of my amazing best friend/husband and my beautiful kids!

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