Back from the “ing” break!


yes, it’s been forever since i’ve blogged. i’ve been bad. i admit it. but, in my defense, i do have a life. and life gets busy. between taking care of the family, doing endless loads of laundry, watching my hockey games, and learning new things with the hubby, my days sometimes become a blur.

i’ve also been doing some travelling in and out of the country thanks to my husband’s business. i love that i get the perk without having to do the work! thanks to the long flights, i’ve managed to remember how much i love to read and got caught up with ALL of Jane Green’s novels. yes. i can now say that i have read all but one of her books.

i’m coming up on my two year anniversary on Etsy and am continuing to grow my business….which involves tons of time creating cards and other items, listing and promoting them and, of course, hours spent hoping that my loyal customers will tell some new customers so i can keep doing what i love.

right now i am working on both Mother’s Day and graduation cards. should you need either one or a card for any other occasion, please come visit me at 

until the next post….

happy everything!



About 19 Designs

just a girl raised at the Fabulous Forum that fell in love with the Los Angeles Kings; loyal to my boys and passionate about the game; scrapbooker by accident; ETSY seller by choice; happy wife and mom courtesy of my amazing best friend/husband and my beautiful kids!

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