It’s that time of year again…..


i am now starting to post halloween cards in my etsy shop! currently, there are just a few posted as no sooner did i post my first ones, they were snatched up by one of my loyal customers! i have many, many more to post…..just need to stop making them and start photographing! i am hoping to have quite a few more listed by weeks end. typically, halloween cards have been my best and quickest sellers, so if you are in the market for some cards, be sure to check daily for new listings. and if you saw something you liked, but it was gone the next time you looked, feel free to convo me to see if i can do another….. here’s a couple cards now on the shelves…..happy hAunting for that perfect card for your little ghoul or goblin!


halloween mini…..and yes, the cards are coming!


i can’t believe that Halloween is next month! i love halloween….and all the whimsy, spooky, and creative decorations and costumes that i see! my favorite part is seeing the little ones in their cute costumes and giving them candy that they will enjoy. it’s a happy, fun holiday….and i wish more people got into it on a larger scale! i hate seeing kids disappointed because a house is dark or because they ran out of candy. Halloween should be a party for the kids…all. night. long!

i made my first pumpkin mini album. here is a partial tour of the pages. it is now listed for sale on my etsy shop. hope you like it!

these are most of the pages…..but, i had to keep some out to leave to your imagination….:)

i am also starting to work on halloween cards and those will be posted soon, so keep checking in!



just wanted to give you guys a heads up that i am having a sale on all items in my etsy shop until midnight on Labor Day!

all items are 10% off, but you must remember to put the coupon code in at checkout in order for it to be discounted. the coupon code is SUMMER2011.

hurry on over while the sale lasts! lots of new cards and albums are available!

happy shopping!

one of… latest projects!


i just wanted to take some time out from working on a couple of mini halloween albums to share an album i recently completed.

this album was made for one of my oldest childhood friends in celebration of her 30th wedding anniversary. it’s just a small mini with places for her to put photos that other friends and family took during her party.

the colors i used for this album included black, white, grey, and shades of purple. i used a variety of fabric flowers, pearls, bling, and ribbon.

here’s the album: i hope you enjoy it! coming soon: a couple of halloween minis that will be for sale in my etsy shop!

happy wednesday!


some bling and new cards preview….


i have a ton of new cards to post in my etsy shop! i am going to share just some of them with you here. i also wanted to share my latest find….so for those of you who LOVE bling as much as i do, get ready for a treat!

it was one  of those accidental discoveries that you find where you least expect it… my case, while shopping for my daughter’s school supplies at target. not that i wouldn’t expect to find staplers at target, but this isn’t just any stapler. are you ready to feast your eyes on this sparkly goodie? i would suggest running to target if you feel the need to own one yourself!









isn’t it pretty? and it staples quite nicely too! and the icing on this cake is that it was inexpensive….. which kinda makes it ever prettier, if you know what i mean!

as for my newest cards, i have been focusing on adding to those sections with few choices. so, i have made new thank you cards, baby boy cards, get well, and anniversary, just to name a few. with that said, here’s a sneak preview of some of them as i am just starting to post these to my etsy shop.

below you will find the baby boy cards and some of the thank you cards. you’ll have to come visit the shelves of my etsy shop to see the rest!

hopefully, this post will be okay for you to read. wordpress has been acting up today and it’s taken longer than it should to just post this. apologies if it looks B.A.D.

another blog entry will be coming shortly. stay tuned, friends!

just the photos, please…..


what? another post by me just two days after the last? why…yes! i thought i would give you guys a complete look at the two mini albums i just finished. this summer fun mini is already listed for sale; i hope to get the baby girl one listed later today!

let’s start with the summer fun mini first! here’s the front cover:

as you can see, the staggered scalloped front cover features a beachy underwater theme….there’s flowers, leaves, and starfish on a light blue and white background. The title of the album is “summer” which you can see by the epoxy embellishment across the green leaf. There is also some bling on the cover!

when you flip the front cover, this is what you see on the back:

this page features a green background with various “bubble” circles and two 3D fishies! one fish is green with light blue and the other one is peach with pink. both bodies have glitter!

this next page measures a bit longer than the first. (exact dimensions are posted in the listing on etsy!) it features a repeated pattern of a “starburst” flower. the outer edge of this page has the words FUN on it. There is bling on the “N”!  this page can also hold two 2×3 photos!

this page features the same design as on the other side, but in orange and red colors! i handstamped a small chipboard heart with fired brick distress ink. this heart is sitting in the upper left corner. in the bottom right corner, there are a pair of floral flip flops! sooo cute! again, room for two 2×3 photos! and did i mention that i am including enough clear photo corners so that you don’t have to deal with messy glue?!

this scalloped page is the last one of the mini album. it has shades of blue and reminds me of a pool with bubbles! great place to put that 4×6 photo of your child in the pool or, again, two more 2×3’s! the epoxy embellishment in the upper left hand corner says “pool days”. there is a large white foam bracket on the right side. there are also some small light blu round epoxy embellishments surrounding the bracket.

the colorful back cover mimics the front cover, but has a lot more summer elements on it. although this mini only contains three staggered pages, there is plenty of room for you to add more. you can create these pages by using recycled cardboard, cover it with cardstock, and add your own photos and embellishments. or, convo me, and i will dirct you to where you can buy more pages!

finally, here’s another photo of the chipboard album showing you the colorful, textured ribbons that are tied onto the book rings.

i hope you liked this fun summer mini album! should you wish to purchase it, please visit my etsy shop. you will find it under the section entitled “mini albums”.

now, here is the second mini album i completed . it’s a baby girl mini album in a bracket shape. this is what it looks like:

sweet, right? the first page is covered with a muted shade of pink with large white polkadots. There is an oval embellishment that features the word “PRECIOUS” in a deep shade of pink. there are two flowers on other side of it with green bling in their centers. lying on her tummy under the word “PRECIOUS” is a whimsical baby girl. finally, the outer edges of this page have been hand detailed with over thirty pearls!

the flip side of this page features and repeats the word “Baby” in different fonts and styles. the background paper is a soft yellow. i have added a textured photo mat to hold a 2×2 or 2×3 photo. the edges of this mat were distressed with fired brick ink. at the top left corner of the photo are foam booties. they are white with pink ruffles….just sooo sweet….right down to the last details of tiny hot pink buttons! decorating the bottom of this mat is some wide textured ruffled yellow ribbon. finishing it off are two more buttons, one large soft pink flanked by a smaller hot pink button. this is what it looks like:

as you can see, the next page is covered with patterned paper featuring a bunch of different baby items…there’s baby bottles, safety pins, strollers, pacifiers, bibs, etc. they are all in assorted colors. in the middle of this page is another pink textured mat which was also hand inked with red brick distress ink. on either side of the mat are safety pins with bunny faces. one has a pink face, the other has a white face. underneath the mat, is a chipboard embellishment that says “smile” in a whimsical yellow font. the puter edge of this page has been finished with a fun yellow pom pom ribbon!

the back side of this page has a yellow background with one swirls. there is a “built-in” mat on the left side of this page with the words “Le Bebe” above it. underneath the mat, is the word “adored”. the word is brown and sits on a muted pink strip. there is a hot pink glittery star to the left of “adored”. on the right side is a multi-colored strip that features colors in pink and brown. there is a place for you to fill in the baby’s name and arrival date. there is a small glittery yellow flower to the left of “baby name”. there are also a cute set of foam pink shoes . this is what it looks like:

the last page, which is the longest (all page measurements are in etsy listing) features a pink, yellow, and orange cardstock. there is a large pink textured mat which will allow you to either attach a 4×6 photo or two 2×2’s or 2×3’s. attached to the bottom of this mat is a scalloped cream ribbon. to the right of the mat is a velvety textured swirl with a whimsical glittery pink heart sitting on it. in the upper left hand corner, there is a small orange heart. in the lower right hand corner of the mat, there is a baby bottle full of milk. here is that page:

the last page of this album features a muted pink cardstock with white footprints throughout it. this is what the back of the album looks like:

this mini album is bound by two silver book rings. each ring is decorated with a variety of colorful pink and yellow ribbons in all colors and textures.

while this mini is on the small side, you can just use it to showcase some of your best photos from a special ocassion or, on the other hand, you can add additional pages. if you are creative, you can add pages from recycled chipboard or cardboard and decorate it yourself. or, on the other hand, you can purchase additional pages from a scrapbook supplier. if you want to follow that route, please convo me, and i will direct you to a source.

hoep you enjoyed this album too! please visit my etsy shop to purchase either of these albums and/or handmade cards as well.

that’s it for now. happy friday everyone!

a couple new albums and a Roxy update!


i really did plan on writing days ago, but priorities got in the way……

but, i’m back to tell you that not only have i made more cards, (some already posted on my etsy shop), i also made TWO fun mini albums as well! one is for summer photos and the other is for a baby girl. one album has a scallop shape and one has a bracket shape. both have colorful, fun papers and lots of great embellishments. there are chipboard embellishments, pearls, ribbons, and, of course, bling, just to name a few! these albums may not have a lot of pages, but they have enough space to include lots of smaller photos like 2×3’s. you can mix it up and put a few 2×3’s on a page and then put one 4×6 on a page. whatever works for you! you can also use these albums as “starters”……adding more pages to them yourself!

i have also spent time “researching” the new lines of paper that came out for the holidays…i am really impressed with Echo Park Papers more than the rest.  one new line that really caught my eye is their Halloween line called “the Apothecary Emporium”. here’s a look at this delish line of frightfulness!

with that said, look for my line of Halloween cards to feature these cool papers! i must confess, halloween is my favorite holiday to create cards for all of you!

another new line i really like is also from Echo Park Papers. it’s called Victoria Gardens. these are just bee-u-tiful!

Victoria Gardens Echo Park

these papers are just sooo yummy!  i have sooo many different visions for these papers. blank notecards, birthday cards, get well, congratulations, hello, just to name a few…..the possibilities are really endless! i may even have to make an album or two from these papers!

since My Minds Eye has always been my favorite company for cardstock, i never really looked too closely at other lines. but, ever since CHA, these new lines from EPP have constantly been in my face! i love that the papers are so diverse, both in their patterns and colors. i love that they are both distressed and shabby chic, my favorite styles!!! there’s just so much i can do with these papers! suffice to say, i have found another company that i can share my money with! lol

changing gears…..for those of you who are wondering about my Roxy, while she is still sick, she is doing well. she takes her medicine 2x day without fuss, continues to play with her brother, Ramsey, and is just her sweet self. her latest blood work came back showing her liver damage is NOT something she was born with….so, it’s from the valley fever. we just don’t know how badly. she will have her blood tested again next week to see if the medication is helping. fingers crossed…….

and finally, like everyone else who is a diehard Kings fan, i am still (patiently) awaiting Drew Doughty’s signing… training camp starts next month and i cannot and WILL NOT imagine it without him. i don’t recall the last time the Kings had such a dragged out negotiation. i truly believe that drew will sign with us, but enough aready! it’s just gone on too long!

so, that’s it for today. hope you all got a little bit of something that interested you. i will post photos of the albums in my next post…..

thanks for reading, my friends……